About Us


By providing quality a​nd timely service and support, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services empowers and helps to develop individuals to become responsible, integrated and productive members of society who value life as a resource for self-actualisation.



The Foundation for Social Welfare Services is a catalyst for change and development in the social welfare sector in Malta, consistent with the real and emerging needs of children, families and the community in order to avoid social exclusion.


About the Foundation

The Foundation was established by means of a Public Notarial Deed made by Prime Minister Dr Alfred Sant, on February 27, 1998. ​

The Foundation is made up of Board of Directors which include a President and at least four members who are responsible for the general policy and activities of the Foundation.

Through the services it offers the Foundation is statutorily bound:

  • to provide social welfare services, in particular in relation to alcohol and substance abuse and in relation to other social welfare problems prevalent in the country, especially those related to family welfare; 
  • to furt​her and promote social and related studies and scholarship, through research, publications and education;
  • to collaborate with other similar entities, especially, though not exclusively, on a regional and international basis.

The everyday work of the Foundation is carried out by the Chief Executive Officer and the Senior Management Team through the 1000 employees, 78% of whom are professionals doing direct face to face client work.

These professionals are grouped into three agencies and three directorates, as follows:

  • Agency APPOĠĠ
  • Agency SEDQA
  • Agency for Community and Therapeutic Services (ACTS)
  • Gozo Branch Services Directorate
  • Directorate for the Protection of Minors (CPS)
  • Directorate for Alternative Care (DAC)

More information about the Agencies / Directorates and their work is found in their relevant pages.