Public Social Partnership (PSP)

The Public Social Partnerships (PSPs) are three-year contractual agreements between the Ministry for the Family, Children's Rights and Social Solidarity (MFCS), and respective NGOs which hail from the social field. Currently, MFCS has around thirty-three. PSPs with 25 different NGOs, and 15 disability PSPs with eight NGOs in the disability sector. The 33 PSPs in the non-disability sector deal with the following social issues:

  • The well-being of children/adolescents with challenging behaviour;
  • Clients who suffer from substance abuse;
  • Clients who suffer from mental health issues;
  • Children's homes;
  • Homes that provide a roof for the homeless;
  • Shelters for domestic violence victims;
  • Programmes for former inmates;
  • Community programmes;
  • Assistance to the LGBTIQ community;
  • Assistance to the families of the terminally ill;
  • Professional counselling together with support services;
  • Services such as; and
  • Psychosocial assistance related to palliative care.