Corporate Services Directorate

The Corporate Services Department's team renders a myriad of services, mainly to: 

  • ensure that all the required supplies are procured and distributed to each FSWS operational site;  
  • certify that the telephony and IT network systems operate optimally throughout; 
  • promptly intervene to guarantee that​ all our premises are safe for all users;  
  • manage all storage and security measures and requirements throughout;  
  • champion all procurement and tendering procedures;  
  • oversee all our insurances and fleet management; and 
  • implement EU and nationally funded Projects undertaken by FSWS. ​
The team invests heftily to ensure that FSWS estate management is governed by an inclusive database system. Contracts, specifications, obligations, insurances, plans, health & safety requirements, and all other pertinent information has been centralised and is easily accessible.   

 It is the team's ambition that we persist in our endeavours to reach higher and contribute professionally towards the foundation's successes. We commit ourselves, both individually and as a team, to ensure that all undertakings and assigned tasks reach and exceed objectives.