Human Resources, Recruitment & Training

At the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS), employees are fundamental to success and instrumental in achieving the Foundation’s goals. Agencies are committed to providing quality services to those in need. A knowledgeable and learning-orientated workforce contributes towards this endeavour 


The FSWS employs more than 800 people, and the Corporate Human Resources Department is responsible for delivering HR-related services across the board. This office has various functions, ranging from employees’ well-being, engagement, retention, training, and development. Other duties include rewards and recognitions, industrial relations, legal procedures, and employee performance appraisals. Also, this office is accountable for the effective design and implementation of policies and procedures and ensures their implementation thereof. 

The Foundation strives to achieve the set objectives by equipping persons working with children, young people, adults, and families in need with the necessary skills and expertise to reach the Foundation’s preset goals.  


FSWS provides placement opportunities for students ranging from various professions and academic backgrounds. At FSWS, continuous professional development (CPD) is offered to all warranted professionals. Additionally, local and overseas continuous training opportunities are available for both warranted and non-warranted employees. Ongoing training evaluations are maintained to ensure that training objectives are achieved. ​  ​