Marketing and Communications Department (MCD)

The Marketing and Communications Department (MCD) is responsible for raising awareness of all the services offered by the Foundation for Social Welfare Services. 

The mission of this department is to ensure that the public is well-informed about the services offered by FSWS so that individuals who are in need and vulnerable may seek assistance. This purpose is achieved through various means. MCD works closely with agencies and directorates to develop and implement marketing campaigns.

The department also ensures that the Foundation has various media interventions on television and radio programmes to reach the widest audience possible. Direct contact with the public is attained through social media platforms, whereby persons requesting assistance through social media are duly given support or direction.

All the activities held by FSWS, such as media events, conferences, and seminars are aimed to bring the Foundation closer to the public; these also fall under the remit of MCD. This department prepares and plans all the logistical aspects required for such events. 

MCD is also responsible for the publications and artwork of all agencies.

In addition, this Department has continuous contact with a large number of producers of both television and radio programmes where, almost daily, the Foundation has a representatives attends on same.​