Adoption Services

​The Adoption Service supports individuals or families who are considering adoption, in the process of adopting, and also those who have adopted a child or children. The service provides training as a form of preparation for families who wish to adopt. Sessions include information on children, biological parents, inter-country adoptions, and trauma.  

Once the prospective adoptive parent/s decide to continue with the process, they are allocated a social worker who works with them through the assessment process. The report is then sent to the Adoption Board for approval. 

The service believes i the fundamental right of every child to grow up in a loving family. Thus, the service, in cooperation with other services, works with both birth parents (who are considering an adoption plan for their child/children) and adoptive parents. 

The social workers within the adoption team offer a wide range of support to families and children. This can include the sharing of information, therapeutic support for adoptive children and/or biological children, and help with parenting the child/children. 

Every intercountry adoption benefits from €10,000 on presentation of the original receipts.  

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