The journey of adoption​



Many people have crossed the term ‘adoption’ at some stage or another in their life. You might be wandering what this actually entails. Is this something that you want to explore further ?



One can easily make contact with Agenzija Tfal (Kura Alternattiva) and ask for the Adoption Service. Contact can be made through phone, the website and also the facebook page. A social worker will meet with the prospective adoptive parents to explain the adoption process and answer any questions. During the intake session, the prospective adoptive parents are provided with the necessary forms to fill in and submit.



The prospective adoptive parents will need to attend a 7-week preparation course. During the course, the social workers will share in-depth information regarding adoption and what the adoption process involves.


Allocation and contact with your social worker

After the course, prospective adoptive parents will be allocated to a social worker who will be making contact with them.


Home Study Report

The prospective adoptive parents submit a number of documents as explained during the course. Social workers will do an assessment of the prospective adoptive parents which involve a number of home visits and other meetings with the prospective adoptive parents. The social worker would compile a Home Study Report which includes a thorough assessment of the prospective adoptive parents. This report is then presented to the Adoption Board.


Adoption Board

After reviewing the contents of the Home Study Report, the Adoption Board approves or otherwise.


Application to adopt

Once approved, prospective adoptive parents would be able to apply for the country of their choice.



Once a child is matched, a number of reports are sent to PAPs about the minor, including an Adoption Medical Report, containing the child's medical history. This is screened by the Head Pediatrician at Mater Dei Hospital for approval to be given for the child to be adopted in Malta. Once approval is issued, the prospective adoptive parents start the legal proceedings through a lawyer in the country of origin of the child.



At this stage, prospective adoptive parents would need to travel to the country of origin to meet with the child and generally attend a court hearing. Judicial proceedings in both the foreign and Maltese Courts are required for the adoption to be legally valid.




In both foreign and local adoptions, adopted children are monitored by the Adoption Service social workers who review their progress. In the case of foreign adopted children, this progress is reported to their country of origin. Every country specifies the duration and frequency of such reports.


Further support

The Adoption Service has set up an Adoption Family Network which is held regularly. This is facilitated by the Adoption Service social workers and everyone is invited to attend.


Fees related to adoption

Considering that the Adoption Service falls under the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, which is a government entity, services offered by the Adoption Service are free of charge. Expenses are incurred by the applicants when they access external services as part of the adoption assessment, such as the General Practitioner, notary, psychologist etc. The bulk of the expenses come with the actual adoption when the applicants would need to travel to the respective country. These would include flights, accommodation, travel, translation of documents and legal services.


Financial support

Parents adopting minors from foreign countries will be partially reimbursed for expenses incurred in the adoption process not exceeding €10,000. This subsidy applies only for foreign adoptions which have been finalized from the 10th October 2017 onwards, even if the adoption process started prior to this date. An adoption is considered finalized only once the legal process is concluded in the Maltese Courts and a Court Decree is issued. This adoption grant is only applicable for Maltese citizens.



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