Looked After Children

​The professionals who work within the Looked After Children Service (LAC) work with minors who reside in out-of-home care placements within the Children's Directorate (Alternative Care). Ages vary from babies to adolescents, who receive the necessary care and attention from the foster care or residential placements.

The service aims to formulate regular care plans that develop according to the needs of the children and young persons in concern. The care ​plan is discussed and confirmed by a Review Board. The LAC professionals ensure that the minors have stability in their placements by conducting regular visits, and also by maintaining frequent contact with the biological parents and other professionals involved in the case. When it is in the minors' best interest, the professionals work towards the plan of reintegration with their biological families.

In instances where this is not possible, the service offers support to the minors and a permanent programme, so that they can continue to develop in a positive environment which gives them stability and security.