Residential Home Services

​The service aims to support young people living in community-based homes by allowing them to improve and gain independent living skills. It provides a safe environment for young people at risk or who cannot currently live in alternative care by helping them learn independent skills to fare better within the community.

These community-based homes accommodate young people, who, because of their past, might find it difficult to relate to their experience and make sense of their traumas. Groups of siblings can continue living together whenever possible and is in their best interest. Young people can enter these community-based homes voluntarily, as well as through a care or court order.  

The residences cater to the various needs of the service users while also ensuring that the health and safety of all residents and workers are safeguarded. 

Throughout the programme, young people are empowered to engage in the educational system, with an individualised plan that accommodates their needs. Young people are also encouraged to involve themselves in employment. This ensures that they earn a living and eventually prepare themselves for independent living. Young people are supported and guided to maintain positive social family support and engage in the community.​