Supervised Access Unit

Supervised Access Visits involve supervised contact between children and non-custodial parents or other family members when access is not possible otherwise. The service is child-focussed and offered in a safe environment while it facilitates communication, relationship, and maintenance building among all members. This interaction is documented to provide feedback which is often shared in a multi-disciplinary team. It enhances a holistic care plan for the benefit of the children. The service is provided in situations where parents are in the process of separation, and the Family Court deems it necessary, for the well-being of the children, that one or both parents see their children in the presence of a supervisor. Moreover, the service is also provided to children who are under a Care Order, when it is in the child's best interest that they visit their parent/s in the presence of a supervisor. Finally, the service may also be provided to children whose parents agree voluntarily that it is in the child/children's best interest to make use of this service. The service offers monitoring provisions, whereby a professional can do spot checks on the contact that children have with their parents for cases involving both a court decree and also children under alternative care.