Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting Programmes aim at transforming family lives by tapping into resources within parents and liberating their ability to parent positively and effectively. When parents use praise effectively, children develop healthy self-esteem, and the parents observe more of the behaviour they want to encourage. This also leads to a more positive relationship between parents and children. Other than being accurate and truthful, it also offers children the precise information they need to repeat the desired behaviour.  

This course also supports the parents to become emotion coaches. In this way, they build emotional intelligence and self-esteem within their children, foster deep connections with the children, and help them regulate their behaviour. Parents are also encouraged to set up for success. Children can get things right when prepared, and it is the parents’ job to prepare them for success. Experiencing some degree of achievement is paramount in motivating children and building their self-esteem.  

This course also supports parents to have a clear vision of how they want to be as a family by identifying what values are essential for the family and devising rules to stand for those values. Parents are encouraged to set up a united front with the other parent, to determine reasonable rules, communicate them positively, and involve the children in the process. Finally, this course focusses on positive discipline by learning to cool down and using each situation as a teachable moment, connect through emotion coaching, and take constructive steps such as following through with consequences. 

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