​The Community Services form part of the Agency for Community and Therapeutic Services. Their practice is based on the principles of community development and primarily focus on

  • Improving the quality of life for all communities in Malta through sustainable social development; 
  • Supporting individuals and families to enhance their well-being within their communities; 
  • Co-producing care plans through collaboration between clients and professionals; 
  • Adopting innovative and multi-disciplinary perspectives; and
  • Using outcome measures. 


The Community Services​ operate in different ways according to the various communities they serve in; however, they offer the services of Social Work and Mentoring in all communities where a service is provided. The services in the community are the 

  • Qawra Community Services;
  • Mosta Community Services; 
  • Msida and Birkirkara Community Services; 
  • Valletta Community Services; 
  • Cottonera Community Services; and 
  • Żabbar Community Services. 

The Community Services also offer mentoring servicesin localities on a regional basis both in the abovementioned services and in other areas in Malta. These services make use of social workers from the Intake and Family Support Service of Agency Appoġġ. These include other centres, namely the 

  • Santa Luċija Centre (part of the Cottonera Community Services); 
  • Western Community (assists families in localities to the west of Malta); 
  • North Harbour Community (assists families in localities toward the northern harbour area of Malta); and 
  • Southern Community (assists families in localities to the south of Malta). 

Furthermore, one may find a full list of which regions form part of each particular service by Clicking Here

Community Social Work, Community Mentoring, and Community Development are offered to individuals and families in the context of their community, with the aim to 

  • Combat poverty and social exclusion; 
  • Create a concept of a caring community; 
  • Enhance the skills of individuals, families; and communities, strengthen families' dynamics and their abilities for employment readiness, household stability; and financial literacy; 
  • Facilitate local participation by addressing issues that are affecting the community; and 
  • Foster an attitude of looking for solutions along with investigating challenges among community stakeholders.