Agency for Community and Therapeutic Services

​The Agency for Community and Therapeutic Services (ACTS) has the objective to work with families, individuals, and communities in reaching their social and therapeutic goals. The two main branches of ACTS are the Community Services and the Home-Based Therapeutic Services.  

The community services are made up of teams populated by social workers, social mentors and community development workers based within various communities around Malta. They utilise the strengths and abilities of communities to encourage meaningful change towards a sustainable quality of life. Social workers and social mentors support individuals and families in the context of their community with the aim to combat poverty and social exclusion. Their work includes strengthening family dynamics, enhancing individuals' ability to access employment, contributing to household stability, and improving financial literacy. Through community-based projects, community development workers aim to find collaborative solutions to community challenges, encourage civic participation, and contribute towards creating responsible and caring communities. 

The Home-Based Therapeutic Services (HBTS) consist of teams of multi-disciplinary professionals from a social and therapeutic academic background. The main aim of this service is supporting families, particularly where minors are present, that are facing various levels of challenges and may face the possibility of their family life breaking down as a result. Recognizing the fact that these families might find it challenging to attend office-based appointments these therapists primarily hold sessions within their homes. Another team falling under HBTS is the parenting team. This team of professionals offers parenting programs to families and groups primarily using the Incredible Years® training program. ​

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