Programm Ulied Darna

Mission Statement

To support families through the work of professionally trained volunteers, who are monitored and supervised by professional staff. The support they offer to these families relieves their stress, strengthens family ties and promotes the enjoyment of family life.

The Service 

Programm Ulied Darna offers time, skills, guidance, assistance, material support (in case of Proġett Tereża), information and practical help to facilitate the life of families who are under stress. Families may face many situations which threaten to disrupt the stability of the family. In such cases, social workers or other professionals who are already working with the family and with their consent refer them to Programm Ulied Darna.

Aims & Objectives

The main aim of Programm Ulied Darna is to build on the parent as the sustaining agent in the child's life and to consider the home as the sustaining background. This is done, with the help of trained volunteers offering their service in diverse programmes of support suiting the particular needs of families.

Programm Ulied Darna also works with parents on parental skills, such as effective methods of discipline, bonding and communicating with children as well as other basic skills, such as budgeting skills, house keeping skills, child care, baby care, nutrition, cooking and sewing, amongst others. Furthermore, volunteers also offer emotional support to parents in need. They also provide practical help, such as accompanying parents/carers for medical appointments, transporting service users, helping children with their homework, child minding and child respite whilst the parent/carer is attending a session or meeting at Aġenzija Appoġġ and/or other agencies within the Foundation for Social Welfare Services.

Proġett Tereża

This project consists of receiving donations in kind from the public and distribute them to service users of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services service users. Everyday, social workers come in contact with families who are facing financial difficulties. They make several requests to voluntary organisations, asking for various items, such as furniture and white goods, to help improve the quality of life of these families.  

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