Youth in Focus Service

Mission Statement

Youth in Focus aims towards delivering a comprehensive service in a sensitive fashion in order to promote the physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of adolescents/young persons with emotional and behavioural difficulties and/or who have an addiction problem.

The Service

Youth in Focus provides social work intervention to adolescents and young persons, aged between 13 and 18, with the scope of assisting them throughout their adolescence, by addressing their needs and empowering them to reach their full potential. Whilst the focus is on the adolescent/young person, the social worker maintains close collaboration with the parents/carers  and other significant people in the lives of the young person.

There is a wide range of presenting difficulties that the team encounter and deal with. These may include, anger management, involving oneself in vandalism, turbulent relationships with parents, partners and others, alcohol/drug abuse, promiscuity, coming out, self identity crisis, experimentation with substances, time management, bereavement, employment, petty crime, emotional abuse on parents, past traumas, computer addiction, difficult past health traumas, problems with self-esteem, poverty & homelessness and money management.

Aims &

  • To deliver specialised professional social work services to adolescents; including assessments, short and long-term interventions, and the formulation of care plans agreed upon with the young service users; 
  • to support the adolescents concerned within their own environment and community by working with them, and by strengthening their social support network; 
  • to work in partnership with the service user on all aspects of service delivery; 
  • to link service users to other resources or services when deemed appropriate and necessary; 
  • to ensure ongoing training for staff members in order to enhance and maintain optimum standards of service delivery; 
  • to develop and maintain an accessible, realistic and user-friendly service; 
  • to develop the existing strengths of service users;
  • to refer adolescents to psychological sessions when deemed beneficial and necessary; 
  • to introduce and develop the concept of youth and outreach work with this particular service user group; 
  • to work with other outside entities to ensure accommodation availability for adolescents facing homelessness or strenuous living situations.