Mission Statement

To ensure that women, including, teenagers and young people, who experience a crisis due to pregnancy have somewhere to turn for support as long as is required.

The Service

This service forms part of the Mater Dei Social Work Services and offers a comprehensive service to pregnant women experiencing crises due to their pregnancy. The social worker offers information and the interventions necessary related to the problems the expectant mother would be facing during such situations.

Aims & Objectives

  • To support and provide pregnancy-counselling services to women and their partners who are in crisis because of the pregnancy; 
  • to help pregnant women and expectant couples, who are not sure whether they are ready to become parents, make responsible choices for their child and for themselves; 
  • to help mothers, and where indicated their partners, to manage their lives and meet their responsibility; 
  • to provide and ensure access to skills training in pre-natal care, childcare, and development; 
  • to encourage self-help and mutual aid support; 
  • to assist service users in continuing their studies and finding or keeping employment; 
  • to foster the development of healthy lifestyles; 
  • to provide the necessary liaison between the service user and her family and the health care professionals within the hospital, accordingly; 
  • to act as a central link for the mothers-to-be, as referred through the hospital channels, with all the other relevant services within the community.