Mater Dei

Mission Statement

The Social Work Service at Mater Dei Hospital offers a holistic service to inpatients of all ages suffering from psycho-social difficulties due to their medical condition and situation.

The Service

The Social Work Service was introduced in the hospital wards with the overall aim of meeting the needs of the in-patients. There are social workers linked to the medical, surgical, orthopaedic, gynaecology, paediatric, emergency and admissions wards.

The social workers' role is to assess and attend to the psycho-social needs of the patients, with the aims of enhancing the quality of their stay in hospital and facilitating discharge. It is important that the social worker is involved at the early stages of the patients' admission, upon request; so that s/he will be directly involved at the planning stage of the patients' discharge and will have sufficient time to assess the needs of the patient and of his/her network. The social worker will work with the patient and or his/her network system on the interventions required. The interventions are planned and organised according to the patient's need so that the patient can be discharged on the planned date.

The understanding and cooperation of the patient, his/her network, and that of the medical team, facilitates better the timing of discharge. Referrals are received from other professionals assigned in the wards, as well from professionals outside the hospital, and directly from the patients and or relatives.

The social workers intervene with the following patient groups: minors, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

Aims & Objectives

  • To assess patients present condition and identify the best social care plan to ensure safety; 
  • to form part of the hospital inter-disciplinary team in order to facilitate the discharge of patients; 
  • to offer social support to the patients and/or to their families, while helping them to cope with their present situation; 
  • to create awareness about the benefits of existing community services; 
  • to provide information about the existing resources and how to make use of them; 
  • to liaise and refer to available resources in the community for the continuity of care of the patient.

For more information one can contact the Aġenzija Appoġġ Social Work Unit on +356 2545 5571.