Qormi Health Centre

Mission Statement 

This social work service offers a comprehensive package of psycho-social care to service users suffering from mental health difficulties who reside in Żebbuġ, Siġġiewi and Qormi, so as to enhance their quality of life.

The Service

Beneficiaries of this service include service users at a high risk of mental health difficulties, the physically ill, people with substance abuse problems, the elderly, the bereaved, mothers of newly born infants, persons going through domestic violence, neglected and abused children, carers of the elderly and children with disability, separated families, single parent families and the unemployed.

The aim of this service is to promote best mental health care at primary level and prevent service users from needing further treatment in a hospital for mental health problems. Social workers in this setting, forming part of a multi-disciplinary headed by the Psychiatrist, are responsible to support persons utilising the service in their psycho-social needs as part of a holistic and integrated action plan. The social work service at Qormi Health Centre forms part of the mental Health Care Services offered by the Health Division.

The service also aims at promoting mental health, as well as providing education about and prevention of mental health difficulties. Support is offered to persons with mental health difficulties, their families and carers, and other individuals who may be affected by the situation.

Aims & Objectives

  • To focus on the psycho-social needs of persons with mental health difficulties, referred to the service by the Psychiatrist; 
  • to support service users in their daily needs in order to support them to live independently; 
  • to work hand in hand with other professionals so as to provide a holistic action plan to persons utilising the service; 
  • to link the service users to appropriate services; 
  • to ensure that service users have a strong support network so as to enable them to function appropriately in their own family and community setting; 
  • to prevent unnecessary admission to mental institutions by supporting the person with mental health difficulties in his/her own family setting; 
  • to support carers of service users in the care being provided with the aim of preventing admissions into institutions or hospitals for mental health problems; 
  • to provide a carefully balanced perspective that takes into account the entire person in his/her environment.

For more information one can contact the Aġenzija Appoġġ Social Work Unit on +356 2144 0170.