Children's Fund

What is the Children’s Fund?

The Appoġġ Children’s Fund provides assistance in situations where children need material support immediately, for which their carers are unable to cater for. This is particularly so in situations where children require food, clothing, medication, uniforms, books, payment for a school outing or project, sportswear, visits to a medical consultant or any specialised treatment. This fund has been in operation since 2003, and helps approximately 300 children every year. Its main aim is to decrease the negative effects children go through because of difficult situations within their family.

Who can benefit from the Children’s Fund?
The fund helps children who are already receiving a service from Aġenzija Appoġġ or any other Agency within the Foundation for Social Welfare Services. Thus the Children’s Fund offers additional assistance as part of the care plan developed for the child and his/her family.

How are funds collected?
Employees from the Foundation for Social Welfare Services have voluntarily formed a Fundraising Committee, and together they organise various fundraising activities to support this fund. These activities vary from cake sales, car wash marathons, activities for all the family, and activities for staff members, amongst others. Other funds are collected through donations provided by private organisations and members of the general public, to help children in need. Various private entities have also organised events in aid of the Children’s Fund.

How are funds allocated?

Social workers and other professionals within Aġenzija Appoġġ or the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, identify children and families who are already receiving a service and need additional help. They file a formal request to the Children’s Fund Committee which assesses all requests and decides accordingly. This Committee is composed of the Agency’s Intake & Protection Services Manager, two members of staff and a representative from the Fundraising Committee. Donations are never given directly to families, but are administered by the social worker or professional who would have identified their needs. 

Contact Details
Persons interested in helping the Appoġġ Children’s Fund may call the Agency on 2295 9000 or on Supportline 179, or send an email on