Domestic Violence Unit

Mission Statement

The Domestic Violence Unit aims to provide quality social work service to adults and their children suffering abuse in family and intimate relationships. The DVU is committed to the promotion of a society with zero tolerance to violence.

The Service

The Domestic Violence Service was set up in September 1994 with the aim of providing specialised social work services to victims of domestic violence. The service is made up of a team of professional social workers, who provide support to victims of domestic violence and their children. It aims at supporting victims at the time of crises by providing them with immediate assistance to meet their immediate needs, helping them develop a safety plan, as well as providing ongoing support.

Aims & Objectives

  • To support service users over 18 years who suffer abuse within intimate relationships, and to help them better understand and address their situation;
  • to help service users understand that they do not deserve to be abused; 
  • to help service users develop safety plans; 
  • to encourage self-empowerment; 
  • to help service users find shelter when it is necessary; 
  • to link service users  with other services or professionals;
  • to enable service users take control of their lives;
  • to help service users along with their children to overcome the effects of growing in a violent environment;
  • to contribute to public education on domestic violence;
  • to formulate inter-agency domestic violence procedures and to work in liaison with the concerned agencies towards negotiating these procedures and applying them;
  • to work towards developing a society with zero tolerance to violence.