Intake and Family Support Service

Mission Statement
The Intake and Family Support Service aims to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families within their communities by empowering and supporting them whilst promoting their independence, personal abilities and responsibilities through prevention and social work interventions and the family workshops.  
The Service

The Intake and Family Support Service is an amalgamation of services namely Generic Service, Initial Response Service and Family Workshops. This Service provides social work support to referred individuals and families who do not require specialised services. The social work aspects of this service are provided as part of the intake and assessment service. This service is provided to both voluntary and non-voluntary service users. As a result, when service users are voluntary they agree to work in partnership with the social worker assigned. 

All social workers provide an intake service. The intake part of this service deals with all referred or self-referred clients, an assessment is carried out and service is provided according to priority. Social workers are also involved in medium to long-term cases, which may require intensive to moderate interventions. Assessments of child neglect and emotional abuse are also carried out.

Through the Family Workshops professionals help families attain skills and services required to run a household and keep up with the various family needs. These workshops are usually carried out in a group setting once a week for around six months. The work carried out during these workshops is flexible and centered on the needs of the participants. 

Aims & Objectives

  • To deliver professional social work services to individuals and families in the community. Interventions include assessments of home and family situation, short and long-term interventions, the formulation of care/action plans;
  • to deliver Family Workshops aimed at providing a healthy space for parents which ensure personal and skills development and an improvement of their relationships and communications as parents with their children;
  • to provide a filter to the rest of the specialised services of Aġenzija Appoġġ, thus ensuring that the specialised services are being utilised according to their service provision;
  • to develop and maintain an accessible, realistic and user-friendly service;
  • to build a network with the other specialised services within Aġenzija Appoġġ, other FSWS entities and in the community;
  • to work jointly with other professionals, if and when necessary, in order to follow the action plan accordingly, in the best interest of the service users; 
  • to work in partnership with the service user on all aspects of service delivery;
  • to link service users to other resources or services when deemed appropriate;
  • to assist service users in assessing their own strengths and needs, reflect critically on how they arrived where they are, and determine what will help them move toward achieving their goals.