Managing Abusive Behaviour Services

Mission Statement

From abuse to respect through awareness and responsibility.

The Service

This service was set up in January 1999. It aims to assist men who are abusive in intimate relationships, to become aware of, understand and take responsibility for their behaviour, thus encouraging change. This is done through a group programme spanning over 22 weeks. Prior to acceptance to the programme, perpetrators have individual sessions with a professional who assesses their suitability for the group. Through attendance in the programme, perpetrators are helped to change from being abusive to start being respectful in their beliefs and, subsequently in their behaviour. The service also liaises with the Domestic Violence Unit so as to provide a feedback loop regarding the progress of the perpetrator. The service users are also provided with a social work service when required.

Following the group programme, the participants are also encouraged to receive continued support through an open support group. Support on an individual basis is also provided in times of crises.

Aims & Objectives

The main aims of the Managing Abusive Behaviour Services are to help abusive men:

  • learn to stop the abuse 
  • learn to identify the danger signs 
  • learn to break out of isolation 
  • learn safer ways of expressing strong feelings 
  • learn to build healthy relationships 
  • take responsibility for their behaviour

The Managing Abusive Behaviour Services are committed to: 

  • developing and contributing to services for the safety of women and children;
  • contributing to public education on domestic violence; 
  • working towards developing a society with zero tolerance to violence.