Specialised Home-Based Care

This service targets those children and young persons who, for some reason, cannot continue to live with their birth family but who cannot be accommodated within the current provision of out-of-home care because of the challenges they present. These challenges could be related to behaviour, health, disability, addictions, involvement in crime, education or anything else which makes it difficult to provide residential services for them. This service is offering a package of benefits, both financial and other, to encourage individuals and/or families to offer to accommodate one of these children and young persons within their own family environment. This is being done because of the recognition that, when they are living within a family environment, the vast majority of these children and young persons are better able to develop their potential. Part of the benefits offered by the service is the support to these individuals and/or families by social workers and other professionals who are involved in the lives of these children and young persons.
Should there be any individual or family who is interested in accommodating one of these children or young persons within their family environment, please contact the service either by telephone on 2295 9000, by e-mail on outofhome.appogg@gov.mt, or fill in an application form online by clicking here. We are also interested in hearing from established groups who are willing to allow us to give a presentation to their members about the service to create awareness and also to encourage participation.