Giving a Positive Upbringing to our Children

​Children have the right to live in a safe environment, where they can develop in a healthy way, away from any type of abuse. This is the main aim of an informative campaign the Foundation for Social Welfare Services will be working on throughout May.

This campaign will be creating more awareness about the importance that children are provided with a positive upbringing in a family environment, where they are loved and respected, without any exposure to violence. During the initiatives carried out, emphasis is being made on the responsibilities parents and carers have – how they can provide parenting with a positive approach, based on love, encouragement, discipline, care and positive environment; instead of abuse and violence which lead children to grow up insecure, undisciplined and lacking confidence and self-esteem.
The symbol the Foundation uses for this campaign is the blue ribbon, which indicates the bruises children suffer as a result of abuse. In fact, this symbol is used among various other countries to mark Child Protection Day.
The Foundation will be embarking on various initiatives to promote positive parenting. These include interventions on the media, dissemination of informative material for parents and children, parenting skills courses within the community, projects aimed at providing support to families in need, services offered to families going through difficult situations, amongst others.