How should I use Supportline 179?

Supportline 179 - Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do call Supportline 179 to report child abuse including child abuse over the internet as well as child neglect; 
  • Do call Supportline 179 for assistance on domestic violence, homelessness, suicidal tendencies, marital and/or family problems, loneliness, emotional difficulties, behavioral problems, depression and other mental health issues, human trafficking, substance abuse, gambling, amongst others; 
  • Do call Supportline 179 if you are lonely and need to talk to someone about how you are feeling;  
  • Do limit the time of your call – someone else may be trying to contact Supportline 179 in times of crisis!


  • Do not use Supportline 179 as a hoax – a victim of child abuse or domestic violence, or someone in a crisis or needing urgent help, might find the line busy while you are using Supportline179 inappropriately; 
  • Do not use Supportline 179 as a telephone directory;
  • Do not use Supportline 179 for legal or medical consultations;  
  • Do not use Supportline 179 as a line to address complaints regarding different entities;  
  • Do not use Supportline 179 to refer adult third parties for social work help. Should an adult need social work help, encourage them to phone for help themselves;  
  • Do not use Supportline 179 to replace the help that can be given from a social worker or another professional for a long-term period. 

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