Community Services

Mission Statement

Community Services aim to work closely with the local community to facilitate and encourage a process of change within the community they operate in, through local participation. These services strive to enhance the local potential, offer optimal individual and family social work services that are aimed especially at the most vulnerable in the community, whilst taking into consideration the context, culture and everyday life of the residents.

The Service 

The concept of having such services provided within the community itself, gives a different dimension to service provision. Having a community-based service means that it is more accessible and more personalised, thus making it easier for people to seek assistance if they wish it; workers are in a better position to understand the lives and situations of families and individuals in their own community.

Throughout the years that the Agency has been working in the communities, it has built and strengthened its links with other major entities, such as the Parishes, Local Councils, Colleges, as well as other entities such as the Employment and Training Corporation, Housing Authority, and the Department of Social Security amongst others, which play a significant part in the lives of the service users.

After several years of providing a Community Service within the Cottonera community, Aġenzija Appoġġ started providing community services in Qawra, B’Kara Msida and Valletta communities. All these services offer social work intervention as well as community development work. While the working principles are the similar within the five community services, the actual services delivery varies according to the needs and resources of the particular community. Each team establishes its service delivery based on the identified needs and the support systems available to work on those needs.

Aims & Objectives

  • To improve the quality of life of the local community and promote community care; 
  • to improve the quality of life of children, families and individuals in the community, with particular attention to the most vulnerable and excluded in the community; 
  • to provide social work services within the community; 
  • to bring centralised social welfare services closer to the community; 
  • to build and enhance formal and informal support networks for the benefit of the most excluded in the community; 
  • to promote and enable the process of community development through local participation; 
  • to strengthen local potential through support, training and collaboration; 
  • to evaluate the changes that are taking place and constantly work for more positive changes in the community.

current projects

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Cottonera Community Service 
Ċentru LEAP għax-Xlokk, Triq San Dwardu, Birgu, BRG 9030
Tel: +00356 23985110 
Facebook: Appogg Cottonera Community Service

Valletta Community Service 
Ċentru LEAP Valletta, 72, Triq Melita, Valletta, VLT 1120
Tel: +00356 23953160 
Facebook: Appogg Valletta Community Service

Qawra Community Service 
Ċentru LEAP Qawra, Triq il-Frejgatina, Qawra, SPB 1273
Tel: +00356 22697000 
Facebook: Appogg Qawra Community Service

Msida & B'Kara Community Service
Ċentru LEAP Msida, 168, Valley Road, Msida, MSD 9029
Tel: +00356 25903933
Facebook: Appogg Msida & B'Kara Community Service​