Within the Intake and Family Support Service, social workers work daily with service users who are either homeless or at risk of becoming so. An assessment is done by a social worker to evaluate the situation and establish the reasons which led the person to become homeless. Following the evaluation, if placement in a homeless shelter is required, the social worker liaises with the various accommodations per their eligibility criteria. Individuals or families can either be referred to an Emergency Shelter or a Long-Term Shelter depending on the need.

A joint care plan is set up with the shelter's professionals, as well as with the individual or family in concern to propose the way forward towards independent living again. Such a plan might include seeking employment, working on possible mental health issues, budgeting skills, and accessing particular services such as the Housing Authority and the Department of Social Security, amongst others.

Social work support continues to be offered throughout the duration of the placement, as well as once the service user starts residing independently in the community if requested.

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