Mission Statement

Aġenzija Appoġġ as the National Agency for children, families and the community, safeguards and promotes the well-being of these persons through the development and provision of psycho-social welfare services.


That the Agency, in collaboration with all stakeholders, provides welfare services of the highest possible standard for its service users such that they are supported and empowered in addressing their needs and enhancing their quality of life.

Background information

In 1994 the Social Welfare Development Programme was set up to work for the improvement and development of services in the social welfare sector. At the time the programme comprised of the Child Protection Service, Domestic Violence Unit and the Community Development Unit which offered services in Cospicua, later on expanding to cover the Cottonera area. In the year 2000, a re-structuring exercise was implemented which led to the setting up of Aġenzija Appoġġ in 2001. Today, the Agency comprises over 30 services, all focusing on children, families and adults in vulnerable situations and/or at risk of social exclusion, and communities. In line with Government policy the Agency offers services to:
  • support and work with families and/or individuals at risk of poverty and social exclusion to empower them to attain the best quality of life;
  • protect and support children and young persons who are being abused and/or are at risk of abuse;
  • be a voice for children and advocate for their rights;
  • support children and young persons who are living in out of home care and work towards their re-integration with their families when this is indicated in their best interest; 
  • provide permanent alternative family based care when re-integration is not possible;
  • recruit, train, assess and support alternative care providers for children and young persons who need to be removed from their own family environment;
  • support and assist adults, young persons and children who are in vulnerable situations and whose needs can be met through the services currently offered by the Agency;
  • support the therapeutic process with such identified persons;
  • empower and support families in their needs, with particular emphasis on their parenting role, so as to promote a healthy living environment for children and families;
  • support and work with families and/or individuals at risk of poverty and social exclusion to empower them to attain the best quality of life;
  • work on enhancing community networks to support families and individuals within their environment with special emphasis on those  at risk of poverty and/or social exclusion;
  • network with stakeholders involved in supporting vulnerable children, families and communities to create a continuum of services to maximise an active participation of service users in society;
  • promote and implement a zero tolerance to domestic violence and all other forms of abuse, violence and/or exploitation;
  • raise awareness on various social issues in particular those addressed by the Agency's services;
  • make efficient use of available resources to work towards helping service users gain access to services in a timely manner;
  • work towards efficient and effective services at all levels of intervention;
  • enhance intra-agency communication and collaboration to ensure best quality services;
  • create an environment conducive to best practices;
  •  advocate for the resources necessary to provide the Agency's services.

The Agency is led by an Operations Director, 5 Managers and a group of Service Area Leaders. Aġenzija Appoġġ is in fact composed of five main pillars of services - Intake & Protection Services, Health & Family Services, Community Services, Children,  Young Persons' and Support Services and the Out of Home Care Programme.

Social welfare services aim at bringing change and through our services we hope to bring about change in people's life - change that will enable them to enhance their potential through the support, care and understanding that they receive from the social welfare professionals that they come in contact with through Aġenzija Appoġġ.