Positive Parenting

Blue Ribbon used as part of the Positive Parenting Campaing, held during the month of May by FSWSIntroduction

The aim of Positive Parenting is to create more awareness about to promote positive parenting so that children grow surrounded by respect and loving care, away from all types of abuse.

What is Positive Parenting?

In 2010, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services identified the need to increase awareness on the importance that children are given a good upbringing in a family environment, where they are loved and respected. Also, it is important to note that it is not just the responsibility of parent/s but of all caregivers, grandparents, teachers, and adults who come in contact with the child to promote the child's positive growth and development. 

Several countries mark Child Protection Day on different dates and the blue ribbon symbolises the colour of bruises that many children around the world bear because of the abuse they pass through. The idea of the blue ribbon originated in 1989, when an American grandmother tied a blue ribbon to her car, in memory of her grandson, who had just died at the hands of his abusive father.

Each year, during the month of May, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services marks Child Protection Day, through an informative campaign aimed to emphasise our responsibility as a society, to prevent abuse. Thanks to the blue ribbon, the Foundation symbolises its commitment in preventing child abuse and promote positive parenting.

Positive parenting involves parenting techniques based on love, respect, encouragement, discipline using assertiveness, care and positive environment. With positive parenting, children grow to be secure and disciplined, with positive self esteem. If children are constantly criticised, shouted at, and asked to live up to expectations, this lead grow up insecure, undisciplined, with challenging behaviour and low self esteem. Children’s rights are to be safeguarded; children need to be guided when taking decisions; and they need the necessary support to grow up without unnecessary pressures, whilst developing their personality.

The Foundation for Social Welfare Services, through its agencies Aġenzija Appoġġ, Aġenzija Sapport and Aġenzija Sedqa, offers support to children and families through a variety of services and programmes within the community.

Download a leaflet in Maltese on Positive ParentingAims & Objectives

  • to protect children from abuse;
  • to increase awareness amongst the general public on children’s rights and against child abuse;
  • to provide information about positive parenting techniques;
  • to provide support to all family members;
  • to support parents to develop their parenting skills, identify resources which help them understand and meet their children’s needs, and ultimately protect them from any type of abuse.