Embark for Life - Integration of Young People into the Labour Market

Embark for Life - Integration of Young People into the Labour Market was co-financed by the European Social Fund and led by Aġenzija Appoġġ and Aġenzija Sedqa, within the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, in collaboration with the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) and the Housing Authority.

The Embark for Life project (E4L) started in 2009 and throughout its run addressed the needs of young people at risk of social exclusion. Its beneficiaries fell within the 16-24 years age group who for various reasons and life situations, face difficulties in finding or keeping employment. The project’s main aim was to empower them to participate in educational programmes which were part of the same project and/or find employment, so that they would be able to live as independently as possible within their community and improve their standard of living.

Part of E4L’s success lies in the fact that it has surpassed the projected targets, by reaching a total of 386 young people instead of the 240 originally planned. However, most importantly, 132 of these have found and maintained a job or moved on to further training up to 6 months after having received support from the project. E4L offered various forms of support, based on the candidate’s needs. Training included sessions about communication; life skills; budgeting and monetary skills; health and safety at the workplace; and networking to find a job. Further training available was given on CV and application writing skills; searching for the right job; adaptation to the workplace; and teamwork.

Aġenzija Appoġġ and Aġenzija Sedqa offered their support in the implementation of care plans for the project participants. The role of ETC was to provide guidance on issues such as matching market needs with the abilities of the participants, and provide the necessary training design and delivery. On the other hand, the Housing Authority was responsible for the coordination of the rent subsidiary scheme and assisted participants who could benefit from mainstream Housing Authority schemes. For a copy of the project dossier click here.