Reducing Alcohol Related Harm (RARHA)

The Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) is taking part in an EU-wide initiative entitled Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm (RARHA), along with 26 other Member States, Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. RARHA which is a Joint Action, that is to say an initiative organised together by the EU Commission and Member States, kicked off in January 2014 and will end in December 2016. Its main objective is to improve the health status of  EU citizens and to alleviate burdens on health systems and the economy.

RARHA seeks to support Member States in devising policies which reduce the harm caused by alcohol. RARHA will not be imposing any policies on MS will respect the principle of subsidiarity and merely encourage MS to make use of  the information and resources generated by this Joint Action to implement policies which address the proble of alcohol misuse.

Each MS is expected to co-ordinate, disseminate and evaluate the Joint Action in so far is it affect the particular country. Moreover, RARHA envisages action in three so-called Work-Packages involving:​

  • ensuring that comparable data on consumption patterns and on the harmful use of alco​hol is made available to MS;
  • the establishment of guidelines for risk reduction and minimization of harm associated with alcohol use, taking into account specific contexts and target groups;
  • the development of a good practice Tool-Kit.

Malta, through the FSWS is taking part in the Work-Package which involves the production of guidelines, that is to say the establishment of amounts of alcohol which may be drunk by various groups (e.g. young people, adults, older persons) without incurring too much harm.

FSWS intends to keep the public informed of the outcom​es of research and discussions within this Joint Action at regular intervals by making use of various media.

Further information about RARHA can be obtained from  ​​​