At the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS) our employees are fundamental to our success and instrumental in achieving our goals. Our Agencies, Aġenzija Appoġġ, Aġenzija Sapport and Aġenzija Sedqa, are committed to providing quality services to those in need. A knowledgeable, learning-orientated workforce contributes towards this endeavour.

Mission Statement

To provide enriched training to FSWS staff and relevant stakeholders.

This objective is achieved by equipping persons working with children, young people, adults and families in need with the necessary skills and expertise to reach the Foundation’s pre-set goals. This mission also focuses on the well-being and professional development of social service staff.

FSWS Training Team

FSWS is committed to providing on-going training and professional development to all FSWS employees and relevant stakeholders. Our efficient Training Team continuously strives to identify opportunities that contribute to the professional development and competence of employees and other third parties. Our sector is dynamic and so training plans are also carefully designed to proactively deal with emerging training needs. Such training may be delivered by internal, external or overseas professionals to FSWS staff and other third parties.

We mentor and coach newly appointed employees and ensure on-going training to provide opportunities to grow within the Foundation. The induction training follows a structured approach that facilitates understanding of and familiarisation with our mission, goals, policies and procedures. The FSWS sets high standards and therefore commitment and determination of each individual is imperative.

Core training opportunities also include Malta-based internal and external training sessions provided by highly qualified and competent professionals, on-going updates of changes in the social sector, participation in local conferences and workshops, and international training opportunities that enhance employees’ knowledge and skills. Training is provided to staff and the FSWS also works closely with identified NGOs for the purpose of cross training, as deemed necessary and appropriate.

FSWS fosters a philosophy that emphasises professional staff development and well-being in order to promote confidence, leadership skills and critical thinking amongst employees. In practical terms, FSWS ensures that identified training needs are addressed in the most efficient and economical manner. On-going training evaluations are maintained to ensure that training objectives are achieved.​