Mission Statement

By providing quality and timely service and support, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services empowers and helps to develop individuals to become responsible, integrated and productive members of society who value life as a resource for self actualisation.


The Foundation for Social Welfare Services is a catalyst for change and development in the social welfare sector in Malta, consistent with the real and emerging needs of children, families and the community in order to avoid social exclusion.

Background Information

The Foundation for Social Welfare Services was established on the 24th March 1998, following authorisation by the Prime Minister on 27th February 1998, with responsibility in the fields of social services, inter alia, the agencies of the said Foundation in relation to the work of Aġenzija Sedqa and Aġenzija Appoġġ, back then known as the Social Welfare Development Programme. In 2001, Aġenzija Sapport, formerly known as Supported Living Division, has also been incorporated within the spectrum of the Foundation. Later on in 2007, the Day Centres for Persons with Disability have been amalgamated within Aġenzija Sapport’s portfolio of services.

The terms of reference of the Foundation are established in its statute as follows:
  • to provide social welfare services, in particular in relation to alcohol and substance abuse and in relation to other social welfare problems prevalent in the country, especially those related to family welfare; 
  • to further and promote social and related studies and scholarship, through research, publications and education;
  • to collaborate with other similar entities, especially, though not exclusively, on a regional and international basis.

The Foundation is governed by a Board consisting of a President and not less than four other members who are appointed by the Prime Minister from among persons, who can make a valid contribution to it through their experience in the fields of social welfare in general and social welfare research in particular. The Board’s mission, in respect of Aġenzija Appoġġ, Aġenzija Sapport, and Aġenzija Sedqa, are:

  • to determine the general policy to be adopted by the Agencies;
  • to ensure that Agencies have the proper organisation to enable them to carry out their functions effectively, including the proper organisation for financial administration and for human resource management;
  • to approve the business and financial plans of the Agencies;
  • to review the performance of the Agencies against objectives and performance targets established in the relevant business and financial plans.