Student Requests



University students or other individuals who would like to carry out research within the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS), i.e. collect data from FSWS staff members and/or service users, are to contact the FSWS' Research Office since approval to conduct any research must first be obtained.

Research requests are reviewed to make sure that the necessary ethical standards are adhered to, to ascertain that the study would not have a negative effect on service users or service provision and to check whether participants, are potentially available. However, the approval of a research request does not automatically imply that participants will be available for research. Potential participants retain the right to refuse to participate.

Given that only a limited number of studies can be carried out in any given period, the FSWS gives priority to research studies covering topics identified as most important by the FSWS’ Agencies. Thus, applicants are advised to check about these topics with the FSWS' Research Office, prior to choosing the area of study and prior to submitting a request.

All individuals who would like to conduct their research with FSWS should fill in a research request form that can be downloaded as follows:





  • from (Appendix A) if the request is related to a dissertation;
  • from (Appendix B) if the request is related to an assignment or any other module/credit course work;
  • from (Appendix C​) if the request is being made by a non-student.





Applicants are also to attach their interview guidelines and/or questionnaires, consent forms, and any other documents providing information about the research, and submit the application via e-mail to​.

The FSWS endeavours to inform applicants about the outcome of the review process within four weeks from receipt of all documents (unless there are extenuating factors).

For further information kindly contact Mr Ronald Balzan on +356 22588938.