10th Anniversary for Home-Start Malta

Publication Date: Dec 09, 2016
Home-Start Malta this year is commemorating its 10th anniversary. Home-Start is a successful way of sharing best practice in positive parenting. This is possible thanks to the volunteers who not only because they have the time but also have the heart to support families in need. 

Home-Start offers parent-to-parent support to parents of children less than 5 years, who, for various reasons may find it difficult to cope. Families that apply for this service are provided with support and guidance in their own homes to help deal with challenging situations. These may include illness, multiple births, mental and physical disability, isolation and a need for assistance in parenting skills. Home-Start volunteers build a friendly and supportive relationship with parents. They give parents more opportunity to spend more quality time with their children since while going through stressful times, this would be lacking. They also offer practical support such as accompanying parents for medical appointments, helping parents organise better their household chores such as cooking, cleaning and budgeting skills amongst others. 

Parenting young children is very demanding, and parents may feel overwhelmed with the demands. This led to the creation of Home-Start in the UK, way back in the 70's. There are now over 330 schemes in the UK and there are Home-Start schemes in over 20 countries worldwide. Home-Start Malta started off in 2006 and is supported by Aġenzija Appoġġ and sponsored by Vodafone Malta Foundation and Shireburn. 

Those interested in joining the Home-Start team of volunteers may call on 9901 8398 for more information; or send an email on  maltahomestart@gmail.com​.