Intercountry Adoptions Training

Publication Date: Sep 10, 2019

The Foundation for Social Welfare Services is organising a three-day intensive Training on Intercountry Adoptions for our professional team in charge of adoption services at Agenzija Appogg our Accredited Agency within FSWS led by CEO Alfred Grixti. Experts at  International Social Service are currently in Malta to deliver the training to our professional team. This is an investment for our families and for those seeking to adopt too! Our International Relations and Research Department together with our Training Department have worked hard for this to happen!  #weinvest #wecare #wearethereforyou

 FSWS is a member of the ISS network and is also represented on the Governing Board by the CEO Alfred Grixti.

 Line up of Experts

 Lisa Robinson

 Lisa is a lawyer specialising in child protection.  Since 2016, she has worked as a Child Rights Specialist with International Social Services / International Reference Centre (ISS/IRC). Here, Lisa has worked on a number of rights and policy issues in the fields of alternative care and adoption, on the needs of migrant and refugee children, and on children’s rights issues arising out of assisted reproductive technologies. Lisa’s work with ISS/IRC has included providing training to government officials in developing countries, and acting as a representative on multi-stakeholder groups. Lisa also works as a lecturer in the faculties of law at the University of Panthéon-Assas and the University of CergyPontoise in France, and has recently done some work with the OECD relating to protecting children in an online environment.

 Sandrine Pépit

 Sandrine Pépit is a jurist specialising in human rights and family law and she has a University Diploma on the theory of attachment. She has considerable expertise in the field of intercountry adoption. After having worked for the Central Authority of Quebec, she participated in the drafting of the Guide to Good Practices Nº2 and in the organisation of the 2010 Special Commission of the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference on Private International Law. For more than six years, she has worked for a public adoption accredited body. Since September 2018, she is the director of ISS France and she is running the hotline for missing children in France.

 Jimmy Messineo

 Jimmy Messineo is a jurist specialised in international family law. He joined the ISS team as a children’s rights specialist in 2019.  He has a wealth of experience on intercountry adoption issues gained at the French public accredited body,  Agence Française de l’Adoption  where he worked for 4 years; and at the French Embassy in Haiti where he worked for two years as a children’s rights and adoption officer. He also has concrete experience in terms of preparation and support to potential adoptive parents and on technical assistance to the authorities of countries of origin in their reform of the child protection system and the implementation of the 1993 Hague Convention.​

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