In June 2018, the Social Welfare Services set up a directorate in Gozo to ensure that its services for vulnerable persons are also provided on this island.


Indeed, the FSWS Gozo Branch is constantly striving to bridge the gap in the provision of social welfare services between Malta and Gozo and strives to maintain high ethical and professional standards in all interventions for its service users. This includes Gozitans, Maltese who relocate to Gozo for various reasons and foreigners who settle on the island.


Consequently, the FSWS Gozo Branch has expanded its outreach. In 2019, the Gozo Branch extended its services which are now offered from Xewkija (the FSWS Gozo Headquarters), Victoria, Marsalforn, Għajnsielem and the Lunzjata Valley. They aim to provide appropriate care, support and quality services to the most vulnerable and at risk of social exclusion, regardless of age, gender, race and creed.

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