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Birgu LEAP Centre

Birgu LEAP Centre was officially launched by Hon. Minister Dr. Micheal Farrugia on 23rd July, 2015.  The role of the Ghax-Xlokk LEAP centre is to offer support to people at the risk of poverty. The centre has offered Community services, Job Advisory and Mentoring, and Training. These services were strengthened through networking with the stakeholders in the region. This LEAP centre caters for the entire inner harbour region, with ten localities namely: Cospicua, Vittoriosa, Senglea, Kalkara, Zabbar, Xghajra, Fgura, Tarxien, Paola and Santa Lucia.

The main services that are available at the centre include:

- LEAP! Social Development Centre;
- Customer care services;
- APPOGG Social Workers;
- Day Centre for persons with disability provided by Agenzija SAPPORT;
- Jobs Plus (ETC)
- Social Security Services;
- Child Care Services;
- Housing Authority Customer Care Services;
- Youth Cafe
- Computer Lab and Hall Facilities
- ICT and computer courses
- Various numbers of courses provided by the Directorate of Life Long Learning.
Information; Social Housing; Benefits; Inwork Benefit; Tapering; FEAD; Free Child Care
- Festa Familja;
- ‘Xewqat Sbieh’ Community Celebration;‘
- Ftit Hin Ghalina;
- SPARC Youth Group;
- L-Ghana tas- Sirena;
- The young adults’ group;
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Winter Opening Hours
  • ​​​Monday 7:30 till 14:45
  • Tuesday 7:30 till 17:00
  • Wednesday 7:30 till 17:00
  • Thursday 7:30 till 14:45
  • Friday 7:30 till 17:00

Summer Opening Hours:
  • Monday 7:30 till 14:00
  • Tuesday 7:30  till 17:00
  • Wednesday 7:30 till 14:00
  • Thursday 7:30 till 17:00
  • Friday 7:30 till 14:00​

Telephone number: 23985110
Facebook Page: unnamed.png