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Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived 2014 – 2020 (FEAD)

FEAD 3rd Distribuition collage.png


The aim of FEAD is to break the vicious circle of poverty and deprivation across the EU by providing non-financial assistance to vulnerable citizens in the Member States


FEAD was launched in January 2015 and covers the period 2014 to 2020. It replaced the EU’s Food Distribution programme for the Most Deprived (MDP).

FEAD in Malta and Gozo

The most deprived households, particularly those including children and elderly, will be targeted through periodic distribution of food packages. An emphasis will be placed on improving the living standards of people living in these households and alleviating their risk of poverty.

Malta’s FEAD budget allocation for 2014 – 2020 is €4.64million (co-financing rate is 85% of EU Funds and 15% National Funds).

Food packages are distributed to households according to pre-established criteria as approved by the European Commission. These criteria take into account the financial situation of each household. It is noted that children, along with the elderly, are at greater risk of poverty and social exclusion and therefore have a higher risk of material deprivation. There is a notable difference between the at-risk-of-poverty rate of households with and without dependent child. Additionally, household with two or more dependent children are deemed at a greater risk of poverty when compared to households with one dependent child.


The following are the established criteria:

i.    Households in receipt of non-contributory means tested benefits and having two or more children below the age of 16;

ii.   Households having two or more children below the age of 16 with an income not exceeding 80% of National Minimum Wage;

iii.    Households having two or more children below the after of 16 with an income not exceeding the National Minimum Wage;

iv.     Non-single households eligible for non-contributory means tested age pension.

Food Distribution

The food items being distributed to households under the FEAD Programme are as follows:

-          Tea Bags

-          Cereal (whole wheat)

-          Corn Flakes

-          Pasta

-          Rice

-          Vegetables (tinned)

-         Tomato pulp (tinned)

-          Fruit (tinned)

-          Tuna

-          Sausages (tinned)

-          Baked Beans (tinned)

-          Dried Nuts

-          Couscous

Accompanying Measures

Additionally to the distribution of food packages to eligible household, the Foundation for Social Welfare Services have also undertaken accompanying measures in favour of people benefitting from the FEAD.


These measures include:

-          Nutrition and Health Information Sessions;

-          Cooking on a Budget;

-          Household Budgeting Courses;

-          Family Workshops;

-          Parenting Courses.