Service Allocation Committee

The aim of the SAC is to ensure a non-discriminatory and non-preferential procedure in the allocation of services through a committee that is formed of members that are not Agency employees.

  • One Board representative (Foundation for Social Welfare Services). The Board may appoint anyone whom they consider would assist in the review process where needed;
  • One professional from the community in a related field;
  • One person having disability as a representative from the community (KNPD);
  • One parent representing those persons with disability who cannot speak for themselves from the community (KNPD);
  • Service Manager or his/her delegate (Aġenzija Sapport);
  • One member of staff from Social Work Unit who has carried out the initial assessment (Aġenzija Sapport). The Social Work Unit staff member has no vote since s/he is representing the client.

  • The Service Allocation Committee meets on average once a month, or as frequent as needed, to meet the need of individuals at-risk. It reviews the vacancy profile for the particular service requested and the availability of funds. The Committee will assess the needs of the Aġenzija Sapport Abuse Review Team (SART) in order to guarantee that clients' needs are being sufficiently and suitably addressed and that clients' rights are protected at all times. Such formal structure, at such an early stage in the Agency's development, puts clients at the very centre of Sapport's remit ensuring quality service and client accountability at all times.

    (SART is an internal Agency body and is convened to investigate all client-related incidents and/or serious occurrences whereby an allegation of abuse is suspected or has been actually witnessed).