Community Services


This service supports persons with disability in their family environment and in the community to which they are used to. At the same time it provides available support and consultancy to the family as a whole in a bid to ensure that the person having disability continues living within his/her natural family for as long as possible. Such a strategy ensures that the less recommended residential placement, would only be sought when all else fails.

This service is provided in Malta and Gozo and addresses specific areas of needs experienced by the person with disability and his/her family/carers. Ań°enzija Sapport provides two types of community support, namely Personal Assistance and Intervention.

  • Personal Assistance provides direct personalised support to help these persons with activities of daily living at their home, workplace or in the community, where and when needed;
  • Intervention provides skills-teaching and training to help persons with disability develop skills related to activities of daily living and communication both at home and in the community.
    The intervention strategies or personal assistance needs are reviewed twice a year to determine whether the identified outcomes are being achieved.