Community Services

Alcohol and Gambling Community Services
The Alcohol and Gambling Community Services provide personalised services to individuals and their significant others who are experiencing some form of alcohol and gambling related problems. Services offered consist of information and advice, intake and assessment of new clients with an alcohol related problem, crisis intervention, support counselling to clients and family members, advocacy, referral to Sedqa’s Psychological Service, Family Therapy Service or Psychiatrists when indicated, and the provision of an aftercare service, and social re-integration to clients who have successfully undergone a residential treatment programme. Such services are delivered both through home visits and office-based intervention. This service also provides addiction counselling support to individuals and their families experiencing a problem with gambling. It offers a wide range of services, including crisis interventions and planning one's finances, employment and housing arrangements.  

Drugs Community Services
The Drugs Community Services offer individualised support to drug users and their significant others with the aim of motivating individuals to commit themselves to major lifestyle changes and assisting them in achieving and maintaining healthier lifestyles, ideally including abstinence from drugs. This is mainly done through one-to-one counselling sessions that aim to enable a healthier lifestyle. Other services offered by this Team include assessment, harm reduction, crisis intervention, support to families and significant others, assistance at the Law Courts, advocacy, aftercare and social re-integration, social work interventions and preparation of those individuals who choose to do a residential rehabilitation programme. 

Family Therapy Services
The Family Therapy Services offer family assessments, family therapy, couple therapy and support to families with psychological  difficulties. The interventions aim to strengthen and teach communication skills to these families. This service can be accessed following referral by a community worker from Aġenzija Appoġġ or Aġenzija Sedqa.

Psychological Services
This team is responsible for conducting psychological assessments of clients from Aġenzija Appoġġ and Aġenzija Sedqa and is also an integral part of the drug residential rehabilitation programme. The Team also provides psychotherapy and group-psychotherapy to clients and supervision to care services staff. The Psychological Services are also concerned with child welfare issues. Thus, they offer parenting management sessions and individual psychotherapy and support group sessions to children. These interventions aim to facilitate the development of further skills that will protect or reduce the risk of harm these children face as a result of the parents’ psychological difficulties.