Residential Services

Residential Drug Rehabilitation Programme - Komunità Santa Marija
The Residential Drug Rehabilitation Programme offered at Komunità Santa Marija is an intensive, long-term residential programme offering a highly-structured communal living environment, whereby persons desiring to stop abusing drugs can discover their true selves, modify their behaviour, learn how to adopt a drug-free lifestyle and re-integrate in society. Individual psychotherapy and family therapy is an integral part of the programme. Admissions require referral and preparation by the key-worker from Sedqa’s Drugs Community Services.

Alcohol Day / Residential Rehabilitation Programme - Dar Żerniq
Dar Żerniq provides personalised services to individuals and their significant others who are experiencing some form of alcohol-related problems. The programme caters for the socio-psychological needs of clients by providing assessments, behaviour modification, individual counselling, group psychotherapy and group work, adult education, occupational activities, and support to families and significant others, all on both day and residential basis.
Assessment & Stabilisation Unit
Some clients with substance-related problems who have successfully completed detoxification, a period of acute psychiatric care, or who are striving to overcome addiction in other ways, may not be able to face the fragility of recovery in the community at large. This might be due to the cues presented by the environment and the negative impact of friends and acquaintances which may consequently lead to a relapse into drug or alcohol use or assume other maladaptive behaviour. The Assessment and Stabilisation Unit (ASU) is a safe environment which would provide these clients with the additional time - up to eight weeks - needed to assess and identify the various factors affecting the client’s substance misuse. Through the identification of these factors the client will have the possibility to focus more sharply on the present situation. Case management will provide the necessary tools for further assessment and evaluation for referral to the appropriate level of treatment and follow up.​