Community Based Programmes

Community based programmes aim at reaching out to the various facets of the community, namely youths, parents and the community at large. These initiatives provide preventive messages regarding substance abuse and addictive behaviour as well as positive messages promoting a healthy lifestyle. It supports various culture sensitive prevention programmes, distributes relevant information and organises short courses on addiction related topics to leaders and prospective leaders in the community. Furthermore various initiatives are coordinated about concurrent issues including talks, exhibitions and seminars adapted to every organisation’s need.

Pre-Adolescent Group – Colours of Life
A consistent collaboration between Aġenzija Sedqa and Appoġġ Cottonera Community Services has resulted in a project organised for adolescents between 14-15 years of age. The main aim of this project is to give young adolescents the opportunity and empowerment for creativity and expression, whilst offering informal formative and skill based educational sessions. Youths are encouraged to learn about their own perceptions of things around them, to challenge their environment and to learn about their self-development and develop social and coping skills. During these weekly meetings, adolescents participate in healthy activities such as drama, crafts, arts and music and are encouraged to be involved in various initiatives taken up in their community. These sessions are based on empowering the adolescents’ skills and their transference in their everyday lives.

Local Councils
Sedqa works closely with various local councils who embark on projects that promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the citizens of particular localities. These initiatives vary from outreaches, training sessions, seminars within the community and also consultation meetings with the council members and the sub-committees of the respective councils.

Collaboration with Non-Government Organisations
Aġenzija Sedqa works to empower various organisations and help them promote a healthy lifestyle amongst the general public. This takes place on various levels to enhance active participation amongst the community. Sedqa provides training for leaders of such organisations and resources related to the organised initiatives. Sedqa offers and supports any non-governmental organisation or group of individuals that would like to set up an activity to raise awareness about substance abuse or misuse and healthy lifestyles.

Train the Trainers Initiatives
Sedqa embarks on various activities to train community leaders to be more effective role models in the group that they lead. Training sessions are held periodically in collaboration with various organisations. The subjects vary from drug and alcohol abuse and misuse, computer addiction, alternative leisure, stress management and other topics that arise from time to time and how the leader can react in such emerging situations within the group. 

Mocktails: Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
Sedqa promotes and encourages non-alcoholic drinks to the general public, particularly to young people, as an alternative to drinking alcohol. Below you may find Mocktails recipes click here:

Blue Danube Mocktail
Red Passion Mocktail
Coco Jumbo Mocktail
Emerald Mocktail
Strawberry Delight Mocktail
Amour Mocktail