Parental Skills Courses

Inrabbu ’l Uliedna Aħjar
Inrabbu ’l Uliedna Aħjar is a parental skills course consisting of six sessions held once a week. The topics covered during these six sessions include:

  • Styles of Leadership

  • The Psychological Development of the Child

  • Effective Communication within the Family

  • Responsible Involvement of Children in the Family

  • Sex and Sexuality

  • Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Parental Skills Programme for Parents of Adolescents
The aim of this programme is to equip parents with the necessary skills to be able to cope with such a critical phase in their children’s lives - physically emotionally, psychologically, intellectually and socially. Through this programme, parents can receive the encouragement needed to attain effective parenting, in an environment that helps them to guide their children through the challenging teenage years. Topics addressed include:

  • The Phases of Development of Teenage Psychology

  • Dealing with Peer Pressure, Media and Leisure Time

  • Instilling Courage and Good Self Esteem

  • Effective Communication with Teenagers

  • Understanding Teenage Sexuality

  • The Challenge of Alcohol Abuse and Other Illegal Drugs

    These topics are covered over six sessions, of approximately two hours each, including lectures, features and discussion time. This is provided by professionally trained speakers who are experts in their field of specialisation.

    Pre-bookings for both programmes are required and a participation fee applies. These courses are advertised prior to each intake. The sharing of experiences presented by the participants within the group is encouraged in all sessions.