Services to Primary Schools

Programmes for primary schools aim to inhibit the development of addiction and/or experimentation with drugs, alcohol or gambling. These programmes help children to develop social and personality skills, provide basis for decision making, refusal skills and the ability to analyse media messages and their effect on their lifestyle.
Programmes are delivered by Sedqa facilitators and school teachers, as well as by Executives who coordinate and deliver the appropriate interventions. The Agency provides age-appropriate resources to be used during these programmes and educational talks and resources for parents. Sedqa also provides training seminars for professionals within the education system, who are willing to use Sedqa resources. The list below includes details of the prevention programmes that the Agency delivers in primary schools.

Tfal Favur Ambjent Liberu (T.F.A.L.) 
A comprehensive programme targeting children from Kinder 2 to Year 6. It consists of T.F.A.L. workbooks available to download from here and interactive CDs for children, to be used in the classroom by teachers or Sedqa facilitators. Workbooks accompany a prevention programme delivered by Sedqa personnel to promote skills for healthy lifestyle and information-based activities.

T.F.A.L. Year 3: B.A.B.E.S Programme (Beginning Alcohol and Addictions Basic Education Studies)
The B.A.B.E.S programme is offered to children in Year 3 (7 to 8 years old), and is aimed to help them develop positive life skills. This six-lesson programme is delivered by trained Sedqa facilitators during which children learn about their self image and feelings, decision making, peer pressure, coping skills, alcohol, tobacco, wise use of medicinals and getting help. Puppets and storytelling are used as the main media by facilitators to teach children about these important themes. A meeting is also held with parents to introduce them to the B.A.B.E.S programme and its contents, with the aim that they reinforce the same concepts at home. All students will be given a bilingual work-book.

T.F.A.L. Year 5: Programme Workbook
This programme provides basic education and information about alcohol, tobacco, legal and illegal drugs, compulsive gambling and internet addiction, whilst enhancing certain skills which are necessary for children to protect themselves from any kind of addiction. This programme is delivered to Year 5 students (9-10 years) by the PSD teacher allocated with Sedqa.

T.F.A.L. Year 6
T.F.A.L. 6 is offered either as a day programme or as a three session programme for children in Year 6. The students are offered learning activities which help them become aware of substance abuse as well as challenges the misconceptions about addictions they receive through media and their peers. It helps students develop decision-making skills, assertiveness and awareness about peer pressure and media influences. Interactive discussions, activities and role plays used help children examine what goes on around them in life and to build their behaviour on positive role models. Children are also invited to take responsibility for the choices they make and to take a closer look at the consequences of such choices.

T.F.A.L. 6 has been nominated and accepted to form part of the European Action on Drugs, whose aim is to increase awareness and commitment as regards to drugs and the risks related to drug abuse, and to promote dialogue, and exchanges of best practice around Europe.

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A fun/educational programme held during summer holidays, in collaboration with the Directorate for Educational Service, delivered by Sedqa facilitators between July and August. This three-week long programme is aimed for students attending Year 4, 5 and 6 in primary schools. The topics addressed are Family, Friends and Addictions (such as Alcohol, Illegal/legal Drugs, and the Misuse of Computer/Internet amongst others. Sessions include crafts related to the theme which will be discussed during that particular day.

Nikber Aħjar
The Nikber Aħjar programme is targeted to help children in residential homes develop a resilient personality, and to impart prevention techniques which will help them face future challenges related to addictions. It covers a multitude of topics using interactive methods, where children are invited to explore their self-esteem, their ability to express feelings, assertiveness and refusal skills as well as problem solving skills. These sessions are delivered in small groups.   

Talks are delivered to parents and teachers in schools upon request. These talks help the audience to understand better which core skills children need to develop to prevent substance abuse and other addictions that they may come across in the future.

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Aġenzija Sedqa in primary schools click here or contact Sedqa Prevention Services on 2388 5110.