Services to Secondary Schools

Knowledge and skills-based programmes targeting students, educators and parents. Programmes are developed and delivered by Agency staff and peripatetic school teachers.

Secondary School programmes work alongside the school curriculum to provide students with accurate information about addictions, dispel misconceptions related to substance misuse and equip them with skills and tools needed for a healthy lifestyle.  Sedqa provides age-appropriate sessions and courses, lesson plans for teaching staff, and other material developed by the Agency. It also organises periodical training seminars and support activities for teachers who deliver these programmes. The ultimate goal is to empower teaching staff to use the material developed by Aġenzija Sedqa and to generate new resource material related to the addictions field. The below list includes the prevention programmes the Agency delivers in secondary schools.

Crossroads incorporates sets of resources and lesson plans, which deal with everyday issues, vis-a-vis substance abuse and other addictions. This material is available for both teachers and students. Crossroads is designed in a way that it can be incorporated within the curriculum for Maltese, PSD, Social Studies and Home Economics subject.

Talks for Parents
Talks on various topics are held for parents either upon request or to complement the sessions conducted within their children’s school. Topics dealt with include: technological addiction and abuse, alcohol facts and myths, addictions, effective communication skills with adolescents, understanding bullying among youths, tips for parenting adolescents, substance abuse: signs and symptoms, amongst others.

Prefects' Leadership Course
A one-day leadership skills training course, organised for class prefects and sub-prefects, bus prefects, students' council members and other students who are potential leaders in all Forms.

School Development & In-Service Training

Sessions and talks about a variety of topics covered by the Prevention Services related to young persons who are still within the educational system. These are delivered to teachers and other school staff during staff development and in-service courses.  


Testimonials are experiential discussions with persons who had a drug problem and who are usually in the last phase of the Agency's rehabilitation programme or who had an addiction problem in the past. These persons would be accompanied by a Prevention Executive who enables the processing of the person’s past experiences related to drugs. These sessions are held with Form 4 and Form 5 students and also with parents.  

Suggested Scheme of Work for Secondary Schools
Aġenzija Sedqa’s peripatetic teachers offer 3-hour sessions to students to all secondary schools in Malta and Gozo on a first come first served basis. Sessions consist of an introduction to the services offered by Sedqa and a discussion about the various aspects of addiction.

The topics for each Form are as follows:

Form 1:     Alcohol: the truth vs. myths, heavy episodic drinking and its consequences.

Form 2:     One of two topics: 
                  Substance abuse (use and abuse of prescribed medicines & illicit drugs, including
                  cannabis, ecstasy, heroin, inhalants, cocaine, mephedrone and LSD) 
                  Technological Addiction

Form 4 & Form 5 Revision Session: Overview of material covered over the secondary school years and during previous Sedqa sessions. Information is also given about Sedqa as a reference point, together with an outline of Sedqa services.

For publications used by Aġenzija Sedqa in secondary schools click here or contact Sedqa Prevention Services on 2388 5110.