Community Intervention

Local outreach events

One of the aims of the Primary Prevention Unit within Aġenzija Sedqa is to be approachable to the public and community at large. Throughout the year, the Prevention Team participates in village feasts or themed events that are organised within different communities and locations around Malta and Gozo. During these events, the Prevention Team engages with families; adults, children and older people via different activities. The team attracts the younger population through; games, crafts and face painting. Another goal is to help the public become more aware of the importance of responsible drinking. For this reason, non-alcoholic mocktails are displayed and offered free of charge to passers-by with a booklet of recipes that they can try at home. Information on services offered by Sedqa is also given throughout the event together with leaflets about relevant topics. 

Community sessions

The Prevention Team aims at reaching the community at large by offering educational and interactive sessions to different entities within the community such as; scout groups, football nurseries, religious entities and other groups. The aim is to provide these entities information on different skills through sessions on; self-esteem, coping skills, decision making, stress management, peer pressure, stress management, effective communication, wise use of technology and addictions. The group's needs are assessed beforehand and the Prevention Team tailor the sessions accordingly. The sessions incorporate games, videos, discussions and even crafts. An activity which works well with young people is the treasure hunt where clues on substances and healthy living are the key to delivering the educational message.

If anyone is interested in these kind of interventions, one can kindly contact the Prevention Team on 23885110 or send us a message on the Sedqa's Facebook Page, Sedqa Malta.