S.A.F.E. Programme


Since 1996, Aġenzija Sedqa's strategy at the place of work focused on raising awareness on addictions and self care at the workplace through its programme called S.A.F.E. – Skills for Addiction Free Employees


This programme offers informative sessions to managers/supervisors and employees on addictions and self-care. Topics include; Alcohol and its effects, Drugs and their effects,  Gambling, Wise use of Technology, Stress Management, Bullying at the workplace, Skills for the Parent Employee/Work-Life balance, Approaching the Employee with Addiction difficulties.


The S.A.F.E. Programme focuses on the introduction or review of the company's Substance Abuse and Gambling Policy. It also provides a functional referral system to Aġenzija Sedqa's Care services for employees who might be experiencing problems related to addictions that may be having an impact on the place of work.


The Foundation for Social Welfare Services is a Corporate Partner with the Malta Employers Association and it is also a member of the E.N.W.H.P. (European Network for Workplace Health Promotion).


Do you want to invest in a healthy workplace?

If yes, you can contact us on 23885110 and together we can collaborate to implement the S.A.F.E. Programme at your workplace. You can also send us an email on;


S.A.F.E. Testimonials/ comments from participants




'Very helpful to understand better when an employee is under the effect of a substance.'

'I appreciated a lot having real statements from users, it also made it very  easy to follow the content of the lecture.'

  • Substance abuse and its effects session - Malta Employers Association


'Course was delivered in an excellent way and overall the topics were covered in a comprehensive way.'

  • Wise use of technology sessionUniversity of Malta​

'All three courses where excellently delivered and gave me better awareness to both the identification of addiction traits and also to the effects of such addictions in general. Overall I strongly believe that these courses helped me open my eyes to occurrences in society which I have thus far taken for granted due to the lack of knowledge I had in the subject.'


'I can assure you that this was a successful activity which opened the eyes of all of us from management to all levels of the organisation.

SEDQA's contribution to the wellbeing of society is immense!'


  • Drugs and their effects, Alcohol and its effects and Approaching the Employee with Addiction difficulties sessions – Malta Air Traffic Services

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