T.F.A.L. 3

T.F.A.L.3 Overview


The T.F.A.L.3 programme (originally known as B.A.B.E.S programme Beginning Awareness Basic Education Studies) was created by Reverend Lottie Jones in America in the year 1978. Through her own experience, Reverend Lottie Jones realized how important it is that we start moulding our children and providing them with the right life skills from a very young age. 

This primary prevention programme was designed to equip the children with the necessary skills that help to lead a healthy and happy life and avoid the pitfalls of addictions and other related self-defeating behaviours.

This programme is delivered through the course of six sessions in all the schools in Malta to all children in the Year 3 level. Through the means of story-telling and 7 colourful puppet characters 'the child within every student' is reached immediately. Children are fascinated by the colourful puppets that are brought to life during the stories together with the fun activities that are found in the workbook and songs children can sing along to. 

Link for songs  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgVmCmJy8fMwXK2NxoADUOg/videos. The important information is presented in a manner designed to create a colourful, fun and safe environment to gain the child's attention and enables them to develop a desire for healthy living.  It is ensured that a safe and non-judgemental environment is created where the children feel secure to let their voices be heard and express their opinions freely whilst enhancing their self-esteem.

Story themes provide children with concepts of Feelings and Self-Image, Peer Pressure and Decision making, Coping Skills, Addictions and Asking for Help.  These concepts are expressed through animal puppets who represent human beings going through real life situations.  The Puppet Characters are: Buttons and Bows Mckitty, Myth Mary, Early Bird, Donovan Dignity, Recovering Reggie and Rhonda Rabbit. 

'Today's children are tomorrow's Future'.


T.F.A.L.3 Testimonials


Once again, the programme was a success even though all was done remotely, due to our current Covid-19 situation. I think that we, as class teachers, need to re-enforce the programme throughout the scholastic year. It does happen when a situation or a question arises during the year, obviously, they benefit more when they are structured or added to their curriculum as this programme. This is something we can now focus on to enhance the children's life skills. Once again a big WELL DONE to all the organisers. - St. Edward's College

Once again I am very pleased with this programme. It is effective, the children were always very engaged and would mention something they learned or discussed also weeks after that particular lesson. Well done also for the fact that there is a follow-up programme for Year 5. - St. Edward's College

Keep up your fantastic work. Girls were engaged and very interested. They loved each and every session and were looking forward to the next. We will surely re-enforce the skills taught because I feel that they are extremely important for the girls' emotional intelligence. - St. Joseph Junior School Sliema

The topics discussed during the programme were quite sensitive and having someone professional to discuss them in a creative and child-friendly manner is very effective. Thus the children really enjoyed them. Booklets are very useful and appropriate to the children. A great way to keep them and refer to them when needed. Really well done for the professionalism and creativity. Keep it up. - Lija, Balzan, Iklin Primary School

Children really enjoy the lessons through the use of puppets. These lessons make the children think and give them coping skills and thinking skills to help them through their life. The booklet helps the children to consolidate what they have learnt during the poems and exercises found in the booklet. - St. Margaret College Cospicua Primary School

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